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Antigua never disappoints

Today I have a guest post for you from my friend Jodi from Starfish Travel..... "Jodi Harrelson, owner/travel advisor from Starfish Travel, is an experienced island hopper who has turned her love of Caribbean travel into a way to help others... Jodi is an expert at planning unique vacations with a special focus on tropical destinations.  Jodi understands how it feels to be overwhelmed by the number of islands and experiences on offer, and is able to find out what sort of adventure you are looking for, and tailor a vacation exactly to what you dream about."   Antigua : Even in a tropical storm, this island didn't disappoint. I had just been through Hurricane Florence & flew into Tropical Storm Kirk as...

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January .... you were a crazy month.

January was a busy month for me.... early in the month I did a quick trip all the way to Orlando FL USA for Surf Expo.  Now I don't normally come in January, but since September Surf Expo was cancelled due to Hurricane Dorian, I thought I better come over.  Back in August, I had designed a brand new booth, found a builder and got it all organized, and then the show was cancelled, so I wanted to come and see how the booth turned out.  I was so happy..... I designed it with a "Caribbean beach shack" in mind.... I think it looked cute. The journey to Orlando took 30 hours of travel time from my home in Australia and actually it took 36 hours...

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Top 10 Marketing Tips for Bricks & Mortar stores.

Are you a retailer?  Do you need some tips on marketing? Here is a recent tutorial I put together to help you guys out.... Here is the tutorial in written form, incase you want to pull notes from any particular section....   So you open a store, you have a grand opening and you have some amazing initial buzz…. but then it dies down, and you are left with the daily grind.  OR perhaps you have been in business for many years…. how do you keep the momentum going? It's hard to keep inspired, isn’t it…. I know…. because a major part of my job as Designer of West Indies Wear is not just designing…. I also need to think...

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Discovering "Kimisti" after 40 years

In the late 70's when I was a kid, we were sailing around the Whitsunday Islands on our family yacht "Kimisti" which was named after myself and my sister Cristi. Here I am sitting up near the mast on Kimisti, all those years ago.  I also love this old photo of my sister Cristi and I and our little sailing dog Cindy. At the time there were very few yachts cruising around the islands, but most of them painted their yacht name on the rocks in Nara Inlet.  There are yacht names painted everywhere in this anchorage, however nowadays of course this is illegal. Here are the photos from mum & dad's photo album. From this photo you can see...

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Want to come sailing in Australia with me 🌴

Back in September we took our family on a yacht charter to the Whitsunday islands, which is a group of islands just inside the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Now this distance doesn't really look too far on a map of Australia, but you need to remember that even though Australia only has 25 million people (compared to USA's 330 million people) we are almost as big a country (in land size) as you guys.  So that was an 18 hour drive .... ok we flew! Here is a little perspective on the size of Australia compared with the size of the United States... Now this was the first time I had been back to the Whitsunday Islands, since my parents took my sister and...

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