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LIMITED EDITION pure cotton face masks just arrived

FINALLY, we have fitted face masks in our cute island colors and prints. All face masks are PURE COTTON, so the fabrics breath.... which means you can breath through the fabrics.   Sold in a pack of 3 assorted prints for $20. Inside each pack is 2 masks made in our lightweight TUNIC cotton fabric and the 3rd mask in the pack is made in our cotton knit DRESS fabric. Each mask is double layer fabric, plus the filter layer in between.  These are in no way surgical masks, but they are comfortable, breathable, CUTE and offer some protection.    Click here to shop our cotton face masks. Stay safe island friends x  

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Top 10 Best Sellers

At this time of the year, our Caribbean and Southern Florida stores have had our collection in their stores throughout their season, and our NE stores are getting organized for summer.   Its a really good time to tell you which are our Top 10 best sellers for the season, so that you can make sure you don't miss out on them before this collection is gone in a summer haze. Oh how much we deserve this summer.... after months of lockdown and uncertainty. So here we go.... P.S. you can click on any of these images to get more information about these styles. 1. Sea Star Tunic   2. Mahalo Tunic 3. Coral Reef Dress 4. Sea Shell Dress 5. Heliconia Tunic 6. Island View...

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Friday night HAPPY HOUR

Friday night HAPPY HOUR.  For those of you who missed the LIVE event on our facebook group, here is your chance to join in the fun.The discount code to shop this weekend and get your FREE St.Barths Tunic if you spend over $100 is LetsGetComfy. You need to first put the St.Barths Tunic into your cart, and when you check out and you enter this code, you will get it for FREE. If you have any problems, please email me.     Since you are watching on replay here, I also want you to have a chance at a giveaway..... so put your comment below with your favorite part of the show, and I will select one winner to win...

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Paddling into the strong wind - you better not stop or you will go backwards

Its just such an uncertain time isn’t it….., the one incredible thing about this situation is that it actually doesn’t matter which state you are in in the USA, or if you are in Europe, Australia, India, or some tiny island nation…. we are ALL in the same boat.  We are all struggling with the same thing.  Here is a gorgeous photo of a traditional cruise ship in St.Lucia to cheer you up. I remember one time we were anchored in St.Lucia, it was our first time to the island, as it was one of our stops as we sailed north from Tobago up to St.Maarten.   Now St.Lucia is one of the first islands we got to that had...

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Saint Pierre & the Volcano that destroyed it

Saint Pierre is a tiny village on the northern coast of the island of Martinique.  Back in the late 1800's this was a bustling port city, that at the time was known as the "Paris of the Caribbean".  Ships hauled away precious loads of sugar and rum, grown elsewhere on the island, there was a beautiful theater and it had become the official cultural capital of the French colony. The only problem was that it lay just 7 kilometers away from the volcano called Mount Pelee.  The mountain was quiet though, other than a few rumblings and an ash shower in 1851, it had been quiet for over 50 years.   In April 1902 however, it started to come to life...

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